Father and Daughter Step Up for Arthritis Awareness at the 2018 Jingle Bell Run

Each year, the Arthritis Foundation hosts the Jingle Bell Walk/Run 5K, one of the longest-standing holiday-themed runs in the country. The event is a chance to raise awareness for and support those with arthritis while decking out in your festive holiday attire.

This year, the foundation named Dr. Scott Grabill, who specializes in total joint replacement and reconstruction at Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, as the 2018 Medical Honoree for the annual Jingle Bell Walk/Run 5K.


“Most of my patients live with knee or hip pain secondary to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other forms of joint disease,” said Dr. Grabill. “There are so many great healthcare providers and members of the treatment team that all play an important role in providing care for patients with arthritis. To be recognized as a leader among so many great professionals is truly a rewarding experience.”


Dr. Grabill is very familiar with arthritis, both professionally and personally. His 9-year-old daughter, Sydney, was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis as a toddler. Sydney Grabill was chosen to be the 2018 Youth Honoree for the Jingle Bell Run.


When his daughter Sydney was 13 months old, she suddenly stopped walking. Her pain and swelling were so severe that sometimes she could barely crawl or play with her toys. After testing for fractures, bone cancer and infections, it finally became clear she had pediatric arthritis.


Juvenile forms of arthritis can be very difficult to properly diagnose, and there are very few medical professionals with advanced training in these type of childhood diseases.


“The most important thing for parents caring for a child with joint pain or arthritis is to know you are not alone. There are many great resources, such as the Arthritis Foundation, to help parents navigate treatment options,” said Dr. Grabill. “It is critical to know it is not normal for children to limp or to have painful swollen joints. Fortunately there are many new treatments available to treat Juvenile arthritis.”


Days after beginning treatment, including prescriptions and physical therapy, Sydney’s life changed. Sydney was treated for seven years, and today thanks to care and treatment, she is in remission. Now Sydney is an active 8-year-old, playing soccer, field hockey and swimming.


Sydney has grown up around her dad’s career as an orthopaedic surgeon. She enjoys coming to the hospital and rounding with patients recovering from their joint replacement surgery. Not only is she learning more about how important it is to have access to high quality arthritis care, she brings a smile to patients’ faces.


Join Dr. Grabill and Sydney on December 2 at the 2018 Jingle Bell Run at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. It’s an event many SMOC doctors and staff are looking forward to, as SMOC has supported the Arthritis Foundation and Jingle Bell Run for three years.


“The SMOC physicians and staff see patients with debilitating musculoskeletal effects from arthritis. It impacts patients’ every day activity, whether it’s hand and wrist problems, knee and hip pain or spinal pain,” said Todd Rauchenberger, administrator at SMOC. “We support the Arthritis Foundation locally because we’re dedicated to providing relief and helping patients improve their lifestyle.”


SMOC does its part to help throughout the year. Contributions include a Jingle in July raffle, selling “bones” for one-dollar donation leading up to the annual Run and a corporate sponsorship by SMOC’s Board of Directors. SMOC doctors are also providing treatment options to patients seeking relief from arthritis.


“As a hip and knee replacement specialist, I have dedicated my career to the treatment of adults with all forms of arthritis,” said Dr. Grabill. “The mainstay of non-operative treatments includes medications, braces, physical therapy and joint injections. For patients with advanced stages of arthritis, we treat it surgically with hip or knee replacement. Now with new technologies like robotic assisted surgery and minimally invasive techniques, I can offer my patients quicker and less painful recoveries than ever before.”

Dr Grabill and Sydney on the Hampton Roads Show:

SMOC In the News: Dr. Grabill on the Hampton Roads Show


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