“The day I met a physician assistant, I made a connection. I knew that was the path for me because I wanted to see my patients through every step – through X-rays, medications, surgeries and to their goal to move again. That’s what drives me.”

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Jennifer has seen every aspect of joint health in her career. She started out as an athletic trainer for students, guiding them through injury prevention and helping them recovery from acute injuries, like a torn ligament in the knee. Today, she sees patients at the other end of the spectrum. Many times, it’s old childhood injuries resurfacing with age that may require surgery.

Across any age group, Jennifer works with the same attitude: The patient is the most important person in the room.

“I like spending time with patients. I want their questions answered and to to know that all their concerns are being addressed.”

Jennifer particularly enjoys the technical aspect of her work in the OR – but also what that means for her patients. She is able to share important details and answer questions about surgery because she is there as first assistant, witnessing first-hand what happens in each patient’s surgery.

“Most patients who have a hip or knee replacement are off of walking aids and pain medication very quickly after surgery. The goal is to get back to activity and living life.”

Jennifer was head athletic trainer at local high schools and sports medicine clinics, and served as medical manager of events for the U.S. Field Hockey Association for 19 years. She became a physician assistant after seeing athletes with musculoskeletal problems and wanting to help them through the next step in their treatment. Most recently, Jennifer was an orthopaedic physician assistant with the total joint replacement team at the Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Va. for 13 years.


General orthopaedic care, with a focus on joint replacement


Certificate of Completion: Physician Assistant Program, Wake Forest School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, N.C.
Master of Science: NATA-approved Graduate Athletic Training, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va.
Bachelor of Science: NATA-approved Undergraduate Athletic Training, Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.

Professional Certifications

Certified Physician Assistant
Certified Athletic Trainer
Teaching Certification

Related Experience

Orthopaedic PA – Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA
Orthopaedic PA – Glasson Sports Medicine, Virginia Beach, VA
Orthopaedic PA – Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters, Norfolk, VA
Events Medical Manager – U.S. Field Hockey Association, Colorado Springs, CO
Head Athletic Trainer – First Colonial High School, Virginia Beach, VA

Professional Organizations

PAOS Physician Assistants in Orthopaedic Surgery
AAPA American Academy of Physician Assistants
NATA National Athletic Trainers Associations
MATA Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers Association

What Sets SMOC Apart?

We all know that not one physician puts in a total joint and cares for a patient on their own. There has to be a team to make it happen, and at SMOC, I’m part of a team that I trust.

Emerging Treatments

Jennifer is following developments in hip and knee implants, and how they are perfected based on data and feedback from surgeons. Combined, companies use these insights to constantly modify and improve the quality of care.


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