Getting to Know SMOC

Name: Isaac Allan

Position: Occupational Therapist

Date of Hire: 05/23/2019

What is your favorite hobby? I am a big golfer, while not the best you will find me on the course or on the range practicing with any free time I can get. I love watching and playing all sports as well, mainly football

What do you like most about working at SMOC?

I enjoy the ability and freedom to be so close to the physicians to be able to walk to their side of the office and get their opinions or instructions on patients. It makes the continuity of care much more streamlined than somewhere where we would have to call or email and wait for a response. I think it gives the patients more confidence in their care as well from surgery to rehab.

What is something you want your peers to know about you? My wife and our dog Moo live in Smithfield, VA. We love the peace and quiet out there and how easy it is to access the beach area and Williamsburg. We are hoping to stay in the area and buy some land out there some day.









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