SMOC Surgeons offer the latest in joint replacement surgery: MAKOplasty and Jiffy Hip

SMOC is proud to offer the latest technologies in joint replacement surgery to our patients. The Jiffy hip procedure is a minimally invasive and soft tissue sparing surgical approach for performing a total hip replacement. The general medical term for a Jiffy hip is the anterior approach total hip arthroplasty. This technique allows surgeons to perform the hip replacement without cutting any muscles which often results in decreased pain and increased mobility earlier after the procedure than traditional hip replacement techniques.

Our goal for all patients undergoing surgery is for them to recover as quickly as possible. The Jiffy hip surgery has been shown in several studies to provide for a faster recovery in the early days and weeks following surgery. Patients are usually able to return to their normal activities in less time and likely with less pain along the way.

By virtue of the anterior approach surgery, there is the added benefit of a lower dislocation rate and no need for traditional “hip precautions” following your hip replacement surgery. Most healthy and active patients who choose to undergo a Jiffy hip replacement can expect to spend one or two days recovering and working with therapy in the hospital before returning home to continue their rehabilitation. Many patients can return to all their normal activities in about 3-6 weeks from surgery depending on individual circumstances.

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