Knee pain can be the result of a sports injury, arthritis, or a bad fall. No matter what is causing your pain, it’s a good idea to get one of the specialists at SMOC to take a look. We’ll determine the problem and create an effective treatment plan to get you back on the field, the dancefloor, or wherever life takes you.


SMOC Physicians are speciality trained and have extensive experience in knee injuries and can both diagnose and treat your injury. Depending on your injury, you may need one or more of the following treatments:

Physical Therapy

SMOC’s physical therapists will use massage, regulated exercise, heat, etc. to get your knee back to the condition it was pre-injury. The length and intensity of physical therapy needed is dependent on your specific injury. SMOC physical therapists will guide you through the healing process and get you back to what you love.

Fracture Fixation

For some fractures require either internal or external fixation. These can be done using many techniques from the insertion of rods, nails, and clamps into your knee, to bone grafts. These techniques may be necessary to properly heal your break and prevent re-injury.

Casting & Bracing

Frequently either customized braces or splints made from plastic, fiberglass, or casting materials can be used to stabilize your knee.  These will prevent movement and allow the injured ligaments or painful areas of your knee to heal. Casting techniques are often utilized by your surgeon to immobilize broken bones or injured joints to allow proper healing.

Tendon Repair

Tendons are soft, bank-like tissues connecting muscles to bone. When these are damaged, it may be necessary for a surgical procedure to repair the injured knee. Let SMOC physicians get you back to the game you love.


Sometimes when an injury occurs to the knee, the joint will fill with fluid and tissues can be torn or damaged. These injured tissues such as flaps of cartilage or meniscus tears can often be repaired or removed, in order to improve the function of the knee joint.  In some situations, it may be necessary to drain excess fluid to prevent infection or improper healing.

Injection Therapies

Our Physicians can perform injections of steroids or hyaluronic acid gels into your painful knee to treat the inflammation or other source of your knee pain.  These techniques can often provide excellent pain relief while preventing or delaying the need for surgery.

Knee Replacement – MAKOplasty®

MAKOplasty ® is available for degenerative joint disease (DJD) of the knee, and uses a Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System (RIO) to perform very precise surgery with amazing accuracy. Hopefully surgery won’t be necessary, but if it is then MAKOplasty® is the best route.  Click here to learn more.

Total and Partial Knee Replacement

Our Surgeons utilize the latest surgical techniques and implant technology to resurface the specific areas of your knee that have become worn from injury or arthritis.  These surgeries can be done with shorter hospital stays and greatly improved pain control, all with goal of getting you back to a pain free lifestyle and all the activities you enjoy.


Using a small needle inserted in strategic points of your body, acupuncture can be a great way to treat your knee pain. These acupuncture points stimulate the nerves, muscles and connective tissue, and can be a natural alternative to the more aggressive treatments.

If you have a knee injury, it is important to consult a physician before further damage occurs. Please contact SMOC to schedule an appointment.


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