Ms. Alice Jones says her customers and doctors were her “guardian angels.” 

SUFFOLK, VA – After years of debilitating pain, 10-year veteran 7-Eleven employee Alice Jones was finally able to get relief from her leg, hip and back pain through a bilateral hip replacement. This life-altering surgery was only possible for her thanks to the generosity of her 7-11 regulars who came together to help cover her living expenses during her recovery through a Gofundme campaign.

After noticing and confronting Jones about her limp at 7-11 one day, daily customer Bill Hawkins learned that Jones had needed hip replacement surgery for years, but couldn’t afford to take the time off. By the end of the week he had created a Gofundme campaign with a goal of $3,500 – enough to help her continue to pay her rent, bills and buy groceries while she took the necessary two months off of work to recover. But he went one step further – he also paid her co-pay for the surgery while they worked towards the campaign’s goal.

The bilateral hip arthroplasty was performed at Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center by Dr. Geoffrey Wright who says “simultaneous bilateral hip arthroplasty is a difficult surgery to go through, but Alice was the perfect candidate with the perfect attitude. It was an honor to take care of her.  She was walking the same day of surgery and motivated others on the orthopedic floor to do better.”

Jones says she awoke after surgery pain free for the first time in years. Within a few days she was able to go home and says “I walk every day like Dr. Wright told me to. I walk to the post office, the grocery store, I’m up cooking and moving around the house and my scars are almost completely healed!”

The recovery process has been made easier by additional 7-11 customers including Miss Pamela Burritt who drove her to and from surgery and has helped her get around these past few weeks. Another of Jones’s 7-11 customers set her up with Meals on Wheels so she would have a hot meal each day while she recuperated.

Not one to take it easy, Jones says she’s anxious to get back to work and her regular customers who care so deeply about her.

“God has put a lot of people in my life – friends and family I didn’t even know I had – who have touched my life. I am so blessed to have so many, and it’s not so much about the money, but it’s also the friendship and kindness that they give me. I want to thank everyone who has helped support me and donated to my Gofundme from the bottom of my heart. So many donors are anonymous, and I want them to know I appreciate them and am blessed by them.”

Jones’ Gofundme campaign still has nearly $2,000 to go to reach its goal, but in the meantime, she is well taken care of thanks to her “guardian angels.”

To read more about Mrs. Jones’ patient story click here.

To read more about Mrs. Jones’ story and her local guardian angels click here.


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Dr Wright utilized cutting edge hip replacement technology from Stryker Orthopaedics.  

Surgery performed at Sentara Obici Hospital.


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