Patients with lower back pain often suffer from sacroiliac joint pain.  The sacroiliac joint connects the last segment of the spine, the sacrum, to the pelvis.  The integrity of the sacroiliac joint depends on strong ligaments that encase and cover the joint.  These ligaments compress and stabilize the joint.  When those ligaments are disrupted due to injury or age, the joint has excessive motion, which can inflame the joint and surrounding nerves, causing pain.

You may have heard of sacroiliac joint pain described as sacroiliitis, SI joint degeneration, SI joint inflammation, SI joint syndrome, SI joint disruption and SI joint strain.  The most common symptom is lower back pain, and pain in the buttock and legs.

iFuse Implant System

The iFuse Implant System is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for patients suffering from sacroiliac joint disorders.  The iFuse procedure is three titanium implants inserted across the sacroiliac joint, all through a small incision.  There is no soft tissue stripping and minimal inflation.  Patients generally leave the hospital the next day and typically resume daily living activities within six weeks.

While iFuse may not be right for your needs, we have found it beneficial to traditional SI surgery because of the minimal incision size, immediate post-op stabilization, minimal tissue impact and the potential for a faster recovery.

If you have questions about iFuse and whether it’s right for your SI issues, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Fox to discuss your symptoms and treatment options.  In the coming weeks we will also offer free Doctor Talk sessions where you can learn more and ask questions about SI issues and iFuse as a minimally invasive treatment option.

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