SMOC Featured in Hampton Roads Physician

HR Physician Magazine Fall 2019We are pleased to share two articles featuring the SMOC team in the Fall edition of Hampton Roads Physician magazine. The first (on page 14) is a feature on fellowship-trained physician assistant orthopaedist, Michael Mitchell. In the article, Michael shares some his medical background, as well as his direct experience with injuries and recovery as an athlete.

The second article (page 20) is an article by Drs. John Duerden and Jeremy Walters, titled, “Should Your Patients Be Seen by a Podiatrist or a Foot and Ankle Specialist?” The article helps dispel some of the myths about podiatrists and the differences and similarities between podiatrists and othropaedists that specialize in the foot and ankle.

Both articles are a great introduction to the SMOC medical team, and provide great insight into the practice approach and some of the benefits SMOC patients experience.

Click here to launch a web viewer version of the magazine, and you can browse to pages 14 and 20, and then zoom in to read the articles.




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