SMOC patient has successful surgery thanks to the support of her customers and community

It is so wonderful around the holidays to see people helping those in need in their own communities. We are thrilled to see one of our own patients, Mrs. Alice Jones, as the recipient of one of these good deeds.

The Virginian Pilot reported that a long-time customer of the 7-11 where Mrs. Jones has worked for many year has organized a GoFundMe campaign

to help with her living expenses after a successful double hip replacement performed by our own Dr. Wright. While insurance has covered her medical costs, the time she will need to take off work after the surgery will be a financial strain, which is why her customer, Mr. Bill Hawkins, is working to raise $3,500 to help her through this time. So far the campaign is nearly halfway to its goal.

We are happy to report that Mrs. Jones’ surgery, which was performed late last month, was a success and she is already feeling the benefits of the procedure. “I felt no pain! I am feeling so much better already! Dr. Wright is my hero!” Mrs. Jones has already had her first post-op appointment and Dr. Wright is similarly delighted with the procedure and its outcome, “Alice is a wonderful, giving person with a fabulous attitude.  It was an honor to take care of her.  Simultaneous bilateral total hip arthroplasties is a difficult procedure to go through but she was the perfect candidate with the perfect attitude.  She woke up from surgery with less pain than she had beforehand. She was walking the same day of surgery and motivated others on the orthopedic floor to do better.”

We will have more updates on Mrs. Jones as she continues to heal and progress. In the meantime, if you would like to help contribute to Mrs. Jones’ GoFundMe, you can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/a58g27-help-for-alice

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