SMOC welcomes Dr. Nicolai Baecher to our Suffolk office!

Dr. Nicolai Baecher is brand new to our practice this month, and specializes in hand, elbow, and shoulder surgery. Dr. Baecher chose to specialize in hand surgery for its complexity. With 29 bones and 34 muscles at work to move your fingers and thumb, you can imagine there’s a lot of variety and intricacy in the kind of surgeries Dr. Baecher performs.

Dr. Baecher treats acute traumatic injuries, such as fractures, nerve and tendon injuries, and complex wounds. He also treats patients who have chronic problems, such as arthritis or nerve compression (such as carpal tunnel syndrome) that have worsened over time. Although this type of problem may not seem as urgent, the sooner patients seek treatment, the better.

His approach to hand problems is holistic and patient-centered. Depending on what the patient needs, this will involve surgical and nonsurgical treatments. With surgeon guidance, nonoperative therapies such as steroid injections and hand therapy will often reduce pain and improve mobility.

When he’s not in surgery, you can find Dr. Baecher surfing, skiing or playing piano.

Learn more about about Dr. Baecher here.

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